Uncover Spain with Frank Camorra

Uncover Spain with Frank Camorra

Frank - Portrait I (2)Uncover Spain with Frank Camorra – A Southern Spanish Immersion (Sep 29 – Oct 12)

Frank Camorra of Movida and Suze Healy, founder of MPT Worldwide Journeys, have pieced together an eye popping kaleidoscope of unforgettable times in the southern Spanish sun.

A group of discerning travellers, thirsty for both local experiences and world class food and wine are invited on a one-of-a-kind adventure to travel to Spain through the Andalucía region.

  • This exclusive 13 day journey will unlock the secrets of the most exciting place to eat on earth.
  • It’s where everything Frank and Suze love about food and lifestyle converge.
  • They will immerse you, opening doors and gaining access to people and places

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